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a virtual platform showcasing a select handful of South African artists. 

Each artist represented on the site has a unique voice and a remarkable style.  They are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams.  They capture worlds seen and imagined and share them with us in their sculptures and paintings.  And we follow them as they inspire us.

Join us on this virtual journey as we share these works of art across borders and time zones.

All works showcased on the site are available to purchase, and if you would like any further information about any artist on this site please contact us.

Proudly Supported by Saronsberg Wine Cellar

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“The cellar is a contemporary building with a beautifully finished tasting room. Earthy textures were combined with contemporary touches in this spacious area from where visitors have views into both the hi-tech fermentation cellar and the maturation cellar whilst being surrounded by Saronsberg’s contemporary art collection.

Winemaker Dewaldt Heyns, who has been head winemaker since 2003, is passionate about every aspect of the winemaking process, which is unique and quite labour intensive. Handpicking, intensive sorting of the berries, a gravity-fed fermentation cellar and focus on attention to detail are key to the phenomenal success Saronsberg wines have consistently enjoyed since the maiden vintage in 2004. This consistent performance has led to Dewaldt being nominated and accepted as member of the prestigious Cape Winemakers Guild in 2008.”

(taken from saronsberg.com)

All images shown on this site are © of the respective artists.