Adrie le Roux was born in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

le Roux is known for her illustrations and paintings.  She works with a multitude of mediums that show a depth in her profound skill.

Her artworks tiptoe delicately on the line between quirky fun and pensive as they are infused with a symbolic exploration of the self in a busy world.  She manages to capture the stillness of the outbreath that keeps one sane whilst creating landscapes that invite the viewer to continue breathing in deeply.

This subtlety of the figures, flowers and objects are absorbed into the backgrounds that highlight her keen appreciation and understanding of colour.  The light seems brighter, and the shadows are almost magnetic.

The scenarios created are laden with humour, and the viewer cannot help but appreciate her wit.  Yet one cannot help but identify with the figures that are always somewhat alone even when they are in a crowd.  It is this stillness found in the colours, moments and figures that truly captures the viewer’s emotive connection to her works.  le Roux captures the core of the individual with distinctive clarity:  we are the culmination of the natural world that holds us, the memories that carries us, and the stillness that becomes us.

Adrie le Roux currently works and resides in Pretoria, South Africa.