Dylan Graham was born in 1977 in South Africa.  He is a skilled artist and musician that practices his arts on a full-time basis.

Graham’s work is hypnotically appealing as it effortlessly fuses nostalgia and possibility together.  The colours blend into each other whilst still maintaining an air of conscious choice:  the works become reminiscent of the gathering of plotted moments that work together to create a unified whole.  It is in the details of the work that the viewer becomes aware of the intricate care that the artist undertakes in the creation of his portraits and man-made still lifes.

And this is where Graham’s poignant symbolism lies – in the binary.  The single fine stroke, existing within itself, and the moment captured in time in the work as a whole.  It is seen in the silence (that the work demands as you cannot help but immerse yourself in what you feel when you view it) and the constant movement of the merging colours.  It is in the mundane objects that we pass and use every day becoming a significant reminder of the fragility of time.

His works remind the viewer of classic artworks, and Graham’s technical proficiency does show a mastery of his skill.  But it is more than this – it is contemporary and relevant today more than ever.  It embodies the notion of momentary stillness in a visually overloaded reality – the quiet return to the self.  It encapsulates the idea that we too are a collection of tender choices and points, and these too make up the bigger picture.  Graham plays with light and shadows, and the viewer cannot help but to be drawn into both equal fascination.

It is the longing for the past, for the fondness of memories and identity.  It is the realisation that there is more to come.  It is a visual journey in which the viewer may capture the sense permanence that exists in every fleeting moment in time.

Dylan Graham currently works and resides in Pretoria, South Africa.