Guy du Toit was born in 1958 in Rustenburg.

He is a prolific South African sculptor, and his works are collected both locally and internationally.  His style is unique, and his voice and technical proficiency makes him a true contemporary master.

du Toit has won many competitions, and his work appears in private, public and corporate collections.  

Guy du Toit is known for his Hares series, which is incredibly popular.  He has also worked extensively with found objects, heads and African craft inspired figures.  The works appear to be quirky and fun, but the small details that du Toit adds to each piece makes them resound with layers of meaning.  He leaves it open to the viewer’s interpretation – they may make of his work what they will.  And meaning will be found, as the viewer experiences du Toit’s sculptures.  The textures and use of alternative mediums is enticing.  du Toit elevates the often mundane into fine art – a simple chair becomes a masterpiece.  He also uses animals in his work, and he personifies them so that we cannot help but see our human qualities (and reflect upon them as a result).

Guy du Toit is also a lecturer, and he teaches at notable tertiary institutions in South Africa.  He currently works and resides in Pretoria, South Africa.