Jan Blohm was born in 1978 in Kroonstad, South Africa.  He is a renowned poet, singer, songwriter, musician and artist.

Blohm’s fascination and aptitude with the visual arts is a central point of all of the forms of expression that he explores.  Drawing, painting, video art and sculpture are significantly apparent when one looks back at his artistic journey. 

Blohm’s art is an exploration of the complexity and layered meaning of the feminine and his relationship with it.  The rough brushstrokes come together to form the portraits of the women that he presents.  Portraiture has a extensive history throughout the arts, yet Blohm has managed to create a fresh expressive style when creating his pieces.

The works are, indeed, imbued with the rhythmic quality that harks back to his musical background.  The works move on the canvas – the deeper tones used create the base of the work, and the lighter details are the melody that bring the works to life.  The viewer becomes moved by these works, and they resonate on a lingering level.

The viewer not only appreciates the intricacy of the feminine that embodies strength and beauty, but is reminded of the Jungian concept of the anima and animus that bond us together as human beings.

Blohm currently works and resides in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa.