Tarien Engelbrecht was born in 1986 in Gauteng, South Africa.

Engelbrecht’s watercolour artworks are imbued with a natural ambience.  The botanical works move across a recurring palette, and this creates a serene harmony throughout her body of works.  The pieces capture an ethereal calm that promises the viewer that no storm may follow.  It is this confidence in nature, and the power that comes with it, that moves the viewer towards a sense of spiritual certainty.

Inspired by the fragility of time and memories, Engelbrecht captures the emotive core of merely being.  It is, in a sense, a kind reminder to the viewer that a moment is always enough in itself.  By capturing these moments, she allows the permanence of memory to become a firm part of one’s identity.

Engelbrecht, an avid traveller, also recalls moments of her personal experiences into her delicate works.  She manages to capture the appreciation of natural beauty whilst still nudging the viewer towards the fondness found in remembrances.  Essentially, these journeys taken become the path that one takes to becoming one’s true self.

The softness of the works evoke a dream-like quality to the pieces themselves.  They seem to be wrapped in a breeze moving one between the past and the present.

Tarien Engelbrecht currently works and resides in Pretoria, South Africa.